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Welcome to AptoChem

Medicinal Chemistry and Custom Synthesis Expertise.

AptoChem specializes in the Custom Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry projects, stable labeled (D, 13C,15N), radiolabeled (14C) reference standards, test articles pharmaceuticals and their metabolites. Our scientists possess years of experience and have synthesized challenging fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. The chemists at AptoChem have extensive experience in designing synthetic pathways for these molecules that are efficient and economical. They are well versed in modern compound synthesis and troubleshooting of synthetic pathways.

Experts in Compound Synthesis

At AptoChem, we also provide a Medicinal Chemistry service to help advance your Drug Discovery programs and providing expertise to solve specific problems. 

In addition to our extensive in-house library of compounds, AptoChem can synthesize a wide variety of small molecules and fine chemicals in the milligram to gram scale. AptoChem offers the following custom synthesis services:

Our goal is to provide our clients with a specialized custom synthetic chemistry service of the highest quality in the industry at the lowest possible price and in shortest possible turnaround time.

Experts in Analytical Chemistry

Products* are thoroughly tested by:

  • NMR (1H and COSY)
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • HPLC Purity analysis via diode array detection  

and include a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis. In addition to these tests, we can also perform upon request (additional charges may apply*), water content determination, residual solvent determination, ion/salt/metal content determination, optical rotation measurements, advanced NMR experiments and calculation of isotopic distribution. Certification of radiolabeled compounds also includes HPLC purity profiling with radiometric detection and specific activity determination.

Quality and Service Matters

We are committed to providing high quality compound synthesis and a comprehensive certificate of analysis performed in a cGLP environment within the agreed timeline. You can count on AptoChem to keep you informed throughout each project, providing updates on a regular basis. Learn more about our internal standards.

For pricing and timelines for in-house compounds and analytical services, please refer to our Product page. To obtain a quotation on any required custom synthesis or custom analytical project, please send us a request including all relevant information, and one of our scientists will respond within 24 hours.

Discounts are available for volume orders and for the purchase of family of products (API, metabolites and internal standards). Please contact us for more details.

*See Terms and Conditions for details.

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  • 1-Hydroxy-BA-1049-d5 (racemic) HCl -


  • BA-1049-d5 (racemic) HCl -


  • eCF506-d5 -


  • Odevixibat-13C6 -


  • Odevixibat-d5 -


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