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Cannabisis a psychoactive plant that contains over 500 components, of which, ~104cannabinoids have presently been identified. The two primary components are D-9-THCand Cannabidiol (CBD).  CBD is the main non-psychoactive constituent of Cannabis Sativa.It has demonstrated a wide range of therapeutic pharmacological effects.  The chemistry is rich and diverse.

Aptochem is a Health & Canada approved laboratory for the synthesis and analysis of Phytocannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists (SCRA).

Services Offered:

  • Determination of potency of THC, CBD in plant material, including other cannabinoids (THCA, CBDA and CBD).
  • Primary grade Reference Materials for accurate strain identification and potency testing.  
  • Purification of THC and CBD from plant extracts
  • Synthesis of CBD and THC metabolites including their stable labelled versions (2H, 15N and 13C).  Aptochem Adheres to Good Production Processes (GPP) guidelines.
  • Synthesis of Cannabinoid analogues.
  • All standards are vigorously characterized following Health Canada approved SOPs and are provided with a Certificate of Analysis.
  • Certified reference materials can be provided in ampoules at different concentrations in a suitable solvent such as acetonitrile or methanol. We can custom prepare ampoules for the customer's specific needs.

For For further information please contact Francois Deschamps at 514-745-7575.