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About us

AptoChem was founded in 2007 by a team of research scientists with many years of research and management experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We are a highly motivated team specializing in the custom synthesis of stable-labeled and radiolabeled versions of active pharmaceutical substances (API) and their metabolites. In 2008, we were voted best start-up entrepreneurial company in Science and Innovation for the greater Montreal region.

In the competitive world of pharmaceuticals, our advantage is our extensive experience and knowledge of the drug development process as well as timely and professional project management. The benefit for you is that your project start-ups will be rapid and all work will be completed in a timely manner at the lowest possible price. From conceptualization to project completion, you can be assured that your project is our priority.

At AptoChem, we deliver high quality and cost-effective analytical and organic synthesis services backed by an independent quality assurance unit. We have a solid reputation in the field for rapid turnaround times for both quotes and delivery of products and services.

Along with analytical, organic and radiochemical expertise, our scientists are well versed in the procedures required by US, Canadian, European and international regulatory agencies.  They work closely with various Biotech, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies performing bioanalytical testing, drug development and Drug Metabolism Pharmacokinetic Studies (DMPK). At AptoChem, we are leaders in the synthesis of isotopically labeled compounds for use in bioanalysis and animal DMPK studies.